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Connector Machining – Screw cutting

Manudem has a long experience in the machining of the materials used in the design of mechanical components destined for the connector technology sector. Prestigious references, from among the major connector manufacturers (waterproof and otherwise), put their confidence in us.

Contacts, bushes (split and crimped), cases (with slope and pin), nuts (hexagon, knurled, and drilled), strikers, screws, implants, etc. are machined in widely varying materials: stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, CuBe2, Fn45, aluminium, etc. Specialised as we are in this field we regularly develop supplies for the connector industry. Our technological adaptability enables us to work in small, medium and large series, both for screw cutting and machining.

We have the following quality certifications :

  • EN 9100:2009
  • ISO 9001:2008

Type of components produced: cases, contacts, nuts, screws, unions, inserts, etc.

Connector Machining Connector Machining Connector Machining Connector Machining
Connector case Connector case Female contact Female contact
Connector Machining Connector Machining    
Male contact Special bush    
Connector Machining – Screw cutting

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