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Legal notice


The www.manudem.com website is edited by MANUDEM SA. It is the exclusive property of MANUDEM SA

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Royalties and copyrights

By accessing this website you benefit from a right to private, non shared and non exclusive use of its contents (unlimited: text, pictures, videos and animations). All copyrights are reserved, including for downloadable documents, iconographic images and photographs.

All networking, re-broadcasting, or copying of all or part of this website in any form whatever is forbidden, except with the express authorisation of MANUDEM SA.

Copying and rebroadcasting rights reserved and strictly limited.

Company’s files available on line on this site benefit from legal protection in force for royalties which provide their authors with an exclusive and enforceable incorporeal property right. These files may not be appropriated privately.

Personal data protection

No personal data is collected without your knowledge
No personal information is passed to third parties
No personal information is used for unauthorised purposes.

Website operation, information content

Information broadcast in an electronic version on this website may have been updated between the time you downloaded it and the time when you read it. We recommend that you check its validity. …proof reading and checking by the publication manager, this information can still contain errors.

For any comment on the contents of this website please send a message to the person responsible for the website: Jean-Paul SMANIOTTO - Phone: 33 4 50 98 00 61.

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