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Manudem works with the strictest respect for quality criteria to execute parts by screw cutting and machining in all materials and all run sizes. Contacts, bushes (split and crimped), cases (with slope and pin), nuts (hexagon, knurled, and drilled), strikers, screws, implants, etc. are machined in widely varying materials: brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, Fn45, aluminium, titanium, etc. In the fields of screw cutting and machining our technological adaptability enables us to produce made-to-measure models as well as small, medium and large series.

Screw cutting

Sliding headstock screw cutting on cam screw cutting lathes and on numerical control screw cutting lathes. (Diameters from1 to 32 mm – Maximum length: 300 mm - 50 to 1 000 000 units – All materials - Prototypes, small, medium and large series).

Our screw cutting activity


Very latest generation multi axis machining centres, multi axis lathes and 2 axis lathes. (Diameters from1 to 32 mm – Passage of bars up to 65 mm).

Our machining activity


We handle the assembly of our sub assemblies by the following techniques: gluing, riveting, press assembly, manual assembly and packaging.

Our assembly activity

Materials machined

Machining and screw cutting of all types steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, ferronickel, inconel, Kovar and plastic materials.

List of materials machined and screw cut

Machine inventory

We have a very diverse machine inventory comprising latest generation machines. It is suitable for small, medium and large series.

Our machine parc



We handle all types of treatment via a network of qualified and specialised partners: mechanical treatment, heat treatment, surface and protective treatments.

Treatments offered

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